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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is yourbestproductreviews.com?
A. yourbestproductreviews.com is a website that helps users find answers about what products are top-rated or best bets in their class. Our mission is to reduce the time it takes readers to make an intelligent purchase. The process begins when our editors scour the Internet and print publications for comparative reviews and other sources relevant to the topic. We then analyze these reviews and sources and rank them according to how credible they are, based on specific criteria we have developed for this purpose (see below for more on these criteria).

Our website is partly a search tool (see the Our Sources page) and partly a consolidator of wisdom and analysis (see our Best Reviews and Full Report sections). Use whichever of these tools you find most useful.

Q. How do yourbestproductreviews.com editors select the best products and services?
A. We prepare our Best Reviewed section by selecting the products that are top-rated by the most credible experts and/or the products about which there is reviewer consensus. Our process and judgments are documented in the Full Report and the Our Sources sections.

Q. How do you decide which reviews are most credible?
A. We have the most respect for reviews that cover multiple competing products — and when a reviewer can demonstrate testing. We also listen carefully to a reviewer who has tested many products, and then makes an assertion that the product he is reviewing today beats other products he has reviewed in the past.

Q. Do you favor professional reviews over user reviews?
A. We do consider reviews prepared by users of a product or service. They often have more passion and insight than professionally prepared articles. In practice, however, individuals don’t conduct exhaustive comparison tests as often as professional organizations do. For example, CNet.com and Consumer Reports operate laboratories staffed with dedicated experts, making them hard to beat in terms of credibility. We do read thousands of reviews by individuals, and we often include websites where consumers vote on which products they consider best in the Our Sources pages. Rather than consider a single owner-written review, we look for commonalities across dozens or even hundreds of such reviews. Among other things, we are concerned about the potential for manipulation by individuals or groups who wish to skew the rating results.

Q. How do you decide which categories to cover?
A. We cover any product or service category that has been the subject of independent evaluation. There is no theoretical limit to the number of categories we can cover. We are open to suggestions.

Q. How often do you update your reports?
A. There is no set timetable. We update our reports as often as new information comes in. Our goal is to incorporate standout reviews soon after publication. If you see something you think should be reflected in one of our reports, let us know.